Something’s Brewing Launches Unique Online Shop for Brewing Coffee


Something’s Brewing launched India’s first one-stop coffee brewing e-shop for caffeine lovers. This first of its kind coffee e-commerce platform in India is dedicated to giving coffee lovers a taste of not only domestic and international coffees, but also the full range of coffee machines, wares, accessories and more.

The technology-based marketplace debuts on October 1 with more than twenty internationally renowned brands and soon plans to bring to market some of the best Indian specialty coffee brands as well as local Indian coffee brewing products.

India has always been a tea dominating country, however, taste buds are changing and consumers’ appetites are shifting towards coffee. Coffee sales saw a massive increase during the lockdown, very similar to the increase seen in interest in homemade baking. Coffee culture is brewing and also arousing consumer interest in artisanal coffee and the different brewing techniques such as draining, steeping, etc.

Riding this wave, Something’s Brewing aims to present customers with an immersive experience where each category of coffee drinker could find their best solution. A mix of manual coffee brewers and internationally acclaimed accessory brands like Fellow, Delter Press, Varia Brewing, Goat Story, Finum, Wacaco and Ratio begins their journey into Indian mugs via the platform.

The e-commerce site also offers critically acclaimed homemade coffee gadgets from brands like La Marzocco, Rancilio Silvia, Bezzera, and Lelit for customers to experiment with and cook up their personal concoctions.

The newly launched platform, unlike all the others, not only showcases the best home brews and gadgets for home coffee from around the world, but also provides a community space in the online world, which is not to be missed. found that in cafes. A place dedicated to coffee connoisseurs and newbies alike would host discussions and conversations about “AZ” of coffee, keeping in mind the big fan following this drink, from the masses to the classes.

Commenting on the launch, Abhinav Mathur, CEO of Something’s Brewing, said: “Indian consumers are constantly experimenting for a great cup of coffee and Something’s Brewing is here to nurture and develop the coffee culture and promote the ‘good coffee’ tribe. in India. Our effort to raise the coffee demand profile in India stems from an increase in demand that we have seen recently. The platform would showcase the best cafes and gadgets for our audience to indulge and experience in luxury. The online space will also bring to life a sense of coffee community and camaraderie that seems to have lost touch due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. We are extremely excited to be the first players in this space and have a solid plan for further launches in the months to come. “

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