SME.NG’s E-Market Platform Ebi Marketplace is about to go live and targets women-owned businesses in Nigeria

The SME.NG e-marketplace platform is set to go live with the aim of empowering women-owned businesses with economic opportunities, business sustainability and improving resilience to the negative effects of the pandemic and of the economic slowdown.

The platform which is expected to go live in August will help overcome the hurdles women entrepreneurs are currently facing in Nigeria, as digital solutions offer a new scalable path to not only address issues of access to finance, but also to generate business links for women entrepreneurs.

In addition to its all-female She Works Here accelerator and the Ebi Fund for women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, SME.NG provides this e-marketplace solution to provide access to finance, markets and financial inclusion for women-owned businesses. women. Since its launch, SME.NG has sought to empower and improve the livelihoods of women in the SME ecosystem to thrive.

Commenting on the purpose of the Ebi Marketplace Platform when it was unveiled, SME.NG Managing Director Ms. Thelma Ekiyor said:

“This year, due to the impact of the global pandemic, COVID-19, we have seen fit to empower Nigerian women-owned businesses to help them thrive. With SME.NG at the helm of providing Nigerian women entrepreneurs with the opportunity to grow their businesses through financial services, business opportunities, advisory, mentoring and networking services and much more, we will continue to provide women entrepreneurs entrepreneurial opportunities to create wealth and support themselves. »

The Ebi Marketplace platform will be Nigeria’s first all-female, safe and user-friendly e-marketplace platform. The platform will also feature a directory of Nigerian SMEs with sector and location tags to extend the reach of products and services across Nigeria and beyond. The Ebi Marketplace will be all-inclusive and provide a one-stop information portal on opportunities for women entrepreneurs. The platform will provide women entrepreneurs and their customers with a unique and seamless online commerce and shopping experience. It also includes features that will help drive sales and increase revenue for women-owned businesses, as well as provide other resources that will help women-owned businesses thrive.

As the Ebi Marketplace is about to go live on the 1st August, all women entrepreneurs in Nigeria are encouraged to register to sell their products and services on the platform. Women from cooperatives and associations across the country are also encouraged to register. To join the Ebi Market platform, interested women entrepreneurs can register to become sellers on The Ebi market will officially go live on August 1, and the app will be available for download on Play Store and Apple Store. Successful registrations would officially become vendors on the platform and could access all the benefits of the Ebi Marketplace platform.

Connect with Ebi Marketplace on social media @ebimarketplace on Instagram and Twitter.

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