Nepalese e-shop for Tihar and beyond


OOnline shopping has not taken off in Nepal for a very long time. It took the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that restricted movement for Nepalese to start shopping for goods on the internet.

Many retailers have also closed physical stores in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis and limited their sales digitally through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, further promoting the culture of online payment in urban centers. .

The growth of e-commerce in Nepal is still hampered by central bank regulations on cross-border payments and the lack of critical infrastructure, but the proliferation of digital wallets and bank cards has increased the access of ordinary Nepalese to online shopping. line.

Daraz, an Alibaba affiliate in China, tried to boost digital shopping with events such as the 11.11 annual sales that launched in 2009 and 2018 in Nepal, and have since become the biggest shopping extravaganza. in line.

The Pandemic iteration of 11.11 shopping festival scheduled for Tihar last year was its most successful edition yet. Despite the economic crisis induced by Covid-19, more than 520,000 consumers in 27 cities of Nepal bought products worth 20.5 million rupees from 7,000 retailers in the first hour of sales, compared to 60% the previous year.

The shopping event saw a significantly higher number of online prepayments via wallet and bank card representing 45% of total sales. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that went online during the pandemic like Masala Beads, Juas, Mantra, Goldstar, Vans and many others generated 23% of total sales.

“Salespeople are at the heart of our strategy and we can only thrive together. The national economy has been hit hard by the pandemic, so it is fundamental for us to help get the economy back on track, ”said Lino Ahlering, Managing Director of Daraz Nepal.

He adds: “E-commerce and in particular Daraz as the country’s leading marketplace is growing extremely fast. 11.11 – the world’s biggest selling day is just days away and is not only a unique opportunity for our customers across the country, but also for our 12,000+ sellers to continue to grow in these days.

This year’s sale is set to break more records with over 1.1 million items with steep discounts on display and delivery services extended to 47 cities. More than 12,000 retailers with leading national and international brands are joining this Tihar movement. Daraz also supported SMEs by waiving their market fees for three months as part of the Sahayatri campaign.

“With Daraz’s mega campaigns driving sales for sellers, more consumers and brands are going online,” the company says. “Brands and payment partners are now more aware of the impact of Daraz’s sales campaigns and e-commerce as a whole, so it is not uncommon to find many popular national and international brands making the promoting and offering lucrative deals on Daraz. “

Daraz says its more than 12,000 retailers are currently undergoing preparations for smooth delivery of goods meeting increased consumer demand ahead of the big sale on November 11. Currently, Daraz has approximately 15 delivery centers located across the country from which customers’ products are shipped.

The lack of an adequate road network connecting major cities and postal addresses adds to the challenges of providing goods and services. As such, the company also manages Daraz Express to deliver the goods and has hired delivery people familiar with a particular locality in a given part of the country.

Since its acquisition by Alibaba in 2018, Daraz’s main focus has been on building a nationwide logistics infrastructure that it hopes will allow the company to increase its footprint, but also help to create a better e-commerce ecosystem in the country, according to the company.

Daraz Nepal says, “The company expects its biggest one-day sale to deliver further growth for sellers and also help further develop an e-commerce ecosystem where logistics companies, payment partners and everyone involved benefits greatly. “

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