Motovolt collaborates with CSC Grameen E-Store to make e-mobility available across India

As part of this collaboration, Motovolt’s affordable range of e-bikes will reach the most remote part of the country.

Motovolt Mobility Pvt. Ltd, the electric mobility company, has entered into a collaboration with CSC Grameen E-Store to make e-mobility available across India. As part of this collaboration, Motovolt will make its range of electric bicycles available in the most remote villages of India.

Taking advantage of the burgeoning e-commerce revolution, Motolvolt’s partnership with CSC Grameen E-store will improve the quality of life in places where there is a lack of public transport by providing an affordable transportation option. In the aftermath of COVID-19, e-bikes will now be available to consumers in rural India at the click of a button and within the secure confines of their homes.

Speaking of collaboration, Tushar Choudhary, founder of Motovolt, said, “This partnership with CSC Grameen E-store will bring us closer to the dream of making every town and village in India run on electricity. Our e-bikes are zero emissions, cost much less to own and operate more efficiently than an electric 2-wheeler, and are safe to use without the need for registration or driver’s license etc. As one of the largest e-commerce stores in India, CSC’s Estore network is now available in all states and union territories in India. We hope that through this partnership, we will be able to bring our affordable e-bikes to everyone in India. What a person needs to do is go to the nearest CSC and place an order. CSC VLE will ensure timely delivery

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi MD-CSC SPV, said CSC has taken the initiative to promote rural e-mobility mainly to ensure that students, small vendors, farmers and women improve their business, economic and social. Our partnership with Motovolt will go a long way in realizing the vision of improving rural people’s mobility and realizing the government vision of Gram Swaraj and Atmanirbhar Bharat

Motovolt’s smart e-bikes work with advanced Li batteries and are therefore durable and also have a longer lifespan. Many consumers across India are happy with Motovolt’s e-bikes and see them as an efficient and convenient transportation option on two and four wheels.

About Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd:

Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd, is an e-mobility company launched by co-founders of INR 2000 Crore revenue Himadri Group, to know. MVK Choudhary, MBL Choudhary with Mr. Tushar Choudhary. Motovolt manufactures and sells a wide range of smart and unique e-bikes. With sustainability and profitability being their forte, Motovolt intends to redefine the future by inspiring an e-mobility movement in India, thus contributing positively to a sustainable future. For more information, log on to

About CSC Grameen Online Store

CSC Grameen eStore is a groundbreaking e-commerce initiative by CSC SPV to promote digital ordering and safe delivery to the consumer’s doorstep. What started as a humble beginning to serve the community during the COVID-19 crisis, is growing into a thriving Grameen e-commerce revolution. CSC Grameen eStore can only be configured by a CSC VLE. It changes the way they get their products and services. We also partner with local and global manufacturers to build a bigger network to reach bigger markets.

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