Ministries, Departments and Agencies to Showcase e-Services at NITA e-Government Exhibition

Category Entity E-service / Innovation 1 MDA Construction industry management system

BIMS is an online web-based system designed with modern cutting-edge technologies, responsive and user-friendly mobile interfaces to facilitate the application process.

2 MDA Ugandan Tax Authority ETAX PORTAL

The eTAX portal is a versatile tax administration tool that allows taxpayers and revenue administrators to access and administer various tax services.

Electronic tax receipt and invoicing solution (EFRIS)

Designed to manage the issuance and centralized tracking of all electronic receipts or electronic invoices, enforce the use by all taxpayers necessary to improve business efficiency, reduce compliance costs through better record keeping between taxpayers and mitigate tax administration weaknesses while promoting efficiency.

One stop shop

A trade facilitation system that allows traders to submit information requirements for trade regulatory documents, such as: customs declarations, import and export permit applications, certificates of origin, licenses and commercial invoices

3 MDA National medical stores NMS + CSSP (Self-service customer service portal)

online application which currently allows all higher level health facilities to:

  • follow their supply plans,
  • follow their annual budgets
  • place their cycle orders for MU Budget and Donor Programs (EMHS) items
  • track their orders (being processed at NMS)
  • receive EMH supplies delivered by NMS
  • run multiple reports

NMS + CSSP replaces (digitizes) all previous manual processes that were used by all health facilities.

4 MDA Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development Unique National Social Protection Register (NSR)

A web-based system that supports sector-wide coordination and national-level monitoring of social protection systems, as outlined in the National Social Protection Policy, 2015.

COVID-19 Relief Money Transfer System for Vulnerable People

Web-based data entry system to manage data compilation, approvals and payments. The main objective of the development of the system was to improve the efficiency and integrity of the data entry process of beneficiaries eligible for COVID-19 Relief Cash.

Safe Pal (available on Google Play Store)

SafePal is a mobile application that adolescents and young people (10-24 years old) can use to confidentially report cases of gender-based violence and be connected with the nearest service providers for help. The app also promotes the exchange of information on HIV / AIDS, malaria, sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and tuberculosis.

Alternative Care MIS (ACMIS) – Children First Software

The system manages information about children in licensed children’s homes. That is: child profile data, family records, health records, education, reunification and foster family details based on the Children Act (amended) of 2016 and alternative care framework and guidelines. The systems also allow tracking of children transferred between children’s homes for the purpose of permanent placement. The system provides a planning module for long term goals i.e. family reunification, parentage adoption, foster care adoption, adoption according to Ugandan regulations. The system provides statistics on the time a child has spent in a facility, planning goals achieved, the age range of children in the facility, and child enrollment reports.

5 MDA National forestry authority License management system

The aim of the online service is to facilitate arborists / licensees’ access to NFA online services and to provide real-time information on its customers for better management.

6 MDA Uganda Registry Services Office The Personal Property Security Register is an electronic system used by financial and non-financial institutions to register collateral.

The system was created to address the lack of access to affordable credit, especially for underserved people who lacked fixed assets, which are mainly used to access credit.

7 MDA Uganda Cancer Institute Digitization of radiotherapy and radiology services at the Uganda Cancer Institute 8 MDA Ministry of Works and Transport Ugandan Driver’s License System and Covid-19 Travel Authorization System.

Uganda’s Driver Licensing System is a project to issue driver’s licenses and improve safety on the country’s roads. It produces and issues secure and world-class computerized driver’s licenses.

Electronic Contractor Registration and Classification System (eCRCS)

The Electronic Contractor Registration and Classification System (eCRCS) serves as a prequalification list for employers bidding on contracts in the road sector.

9 MDA Uganda National Library Uganda National Library Online Catalog

The online catalog allows Ugandans to check the books available in the various public libraries in the country before they can visit the library.

ten MDA Uganda Bureau of Statistics Online HR System

Online HR recruiting system – for job applications, screening and interviews with instant results


UGStats on Google Play and App Store

Key figures for the different sectors

11 MDA Financial Intelligence Authority · GoAML is designed specifically for use by Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) and is the only “out-of-the-box” IT application of its kind. goAML provides a standard and uniform anti-money laundering platform to combat money laundering and terrorist financing; helps reduce the learning curve for new users with its standard graphical user interface

This system allows companies to help the FIA ​​identify criminal and suspicious activity.

12 MDA National identification and registration authority COL (Confirmation of Information)

USSD * 216 #

Condition monitoring

Get a NIN

13 Innovator / Academic Cam-Tech University of Science and Technology of Mbarara Protect infants remotely by SMS PRISMS (Health) PRISMS is a mobile phone application that runs on Android devices to enable frontline health workers (or any lay doctor) to effectively manage newborns. born ill or at risk between 0 and 28 days.

Mobi Care

SACC software

14 Innovator / Academic Makerere University. AirQo is Africa’s premier air quality monitoring, research and analysis network. We are using low cost technologies and AI to fill air quality data gaps across the continent. Work with us to find data-driven solutions to your air quality problems 15 Innovator / Academic Techcea Patient and Maternity Care: Offer your loved ones the best care at home or in hospital. Book a nurse for PERSONALIZED & DEDICATED patient and bedside nursing care.


16 Innovator / Academic PAAT Soil Clinic. PAAT fills this gap by digitizing agriculture through the use of game-changing hardware-based soil analysis technologies.


17 Innovator / Academic Yunga Yunga has developed a digital emergency network that connects neighbor to neighbor and neighbor to the police in the event of an incident. The solution is designed to expand the number of panic button using a smartphone. 500,000 people have reached Kampala so far,

18 Innovator / Academic MobiKlinic Uganda MobiKlinic is a Ugandan health technology initiative that strives to increase last mile health service delivery using both physical and digital fusion


19 Innovator / Academic RAN laboratory · 20 Innovator / Academic Pay Swipe2 A sales app that takes the friction out of payments, so you can focus on what you do best “Making sales”.
Accept mobile payments and grow your business, regardless of size. This allows you to sell anywhere and get paid


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