Jaipur duo exchanged real items for fakes to steal Rs 2 crore online store | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Two Jaipur graduates, including a BTech and an aspiring actor, cheated an e-commerce giant of over Rs 2 crore over a two-year period by swapping original products with duplicates before returning until May luck befall them in Lucknow on Sunday.

Sohit Soni (26) and Rahul Singh Rathore (24) were arrested in Alambagh after security staff at the e-commerce company were wary of using a single credit card for purchases by 150 different IDs with separate names and addresses across the country, including UP and Delhi. In addition, all of these IDs returned the purchased items indicating that they were faulty.
Further investigation found that phone numbers were also common in the case of some of the IDs as recent purchases were made from Lucknow, e-commerce site employee Shashank Singh told TOI.
The company then filed an FIR with the police who raided a rented house in Alambagh to catch the two young people. Seven cell phones, 29 SIM cards, 1,514 forged labels of various brand name company products and 20 packets of protein powder were found.
Police said the duo were from Jaipur, Rajsthan, but change base every two or three months to avoid suspicion. Sohit has a BTech degree while Rahul graduated from ITI. The former told police he starred in a Hollywood movie set in Rajasthan and was looking for a break from Indian films and television series.
Hazratganj circle officer Abhay Kumar Mishra said the youths bought expensive goods, replaced them and, if necessary, changed labels before they returned. For example, imported protein powder worth around Rs 9,000 was exchanged for wheat flour or local protein powder. Subsequently, they sold the original product to gyms. The ingenious plan had been working perfectly for them since 2017.
“So far we have detected fraud worth over Rs 2 crore. The items they replaced mainly included protein powders and electronics such as smartwatches and wireless headphones. They operated from Delhi, Bihar, Maharashtra, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand, in addition to UP and Rajasthan, ”Mishra added.

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