The owner of an online store on the mainland told a Taiwanese buyer looking for trouble: “I will go there by boat and teach you a lesson when reunification is completed.”

The undated photo shows the Pingtan Strait road-rail bridge in Fujian, southeast China. (Chinese News Service / Wang Dongming)

A Taobao store owner selling HDMI cables from Guangzhou, southern China’s Guangdong Province, recently received a lot of attention after a spicy conversation between the owner and a buyer looking for customer issues. island of Taiwan has gone viral online.

The island buyer had purchased an HDMI 2.1 cable for their monitor from the online store, but the monitor only had an HDMI 1.4 port and could not support a 144Hz refresh rate. , the buyer blamed the store owner for his own mistake and further threatened the owner to give him coupons or otherwise he would write bad reviews.

Refusing to back down from the threats, the owner said, “We will be returning you to the homeland soon, and until then, I will be going by boat from Fujian and giving you lessons.”

The owner’s response drew some 34,000 comments on Taobao, which would be as phenomenal as even the most popular online stores normally have no more than 100 comments. The topic was also widely discussed on China’s Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo, as mainland netizens expressed support for the seller’s remarks.

Internet users have also noticed that the owner has changed the content of the store’s default message, which normally describes the shipping time of the package and the company making the shipment.

The revised message reads: “Shipments to the Taiwan area suspended, will use Dongfeng Express instead, and the package is expected to arrive through direct access once the high-speed train across the Taiwan Strait opens in 2025.”

Dongfeng Express is a nickname for the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force coined by mainland netizens to support the Dongfeng Rocket Force series of ballistic missiles, which range from short-range missiles like the DF-11 to intercontinentals like the DF-26, the latter of which is better known as “Guam Killer”.

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