The Ministry of Justice launches electronic services linked to debt statements

Riyadh — The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has launched electronic services related to debt statements through the portal, including debt recognition, debt relief and debt repayment recognition.

The acknowledgment of debt service allows the client (borrower) to easily certify an acknowledgment of debt to someone.

The client logs in to, selects “Notarization”, “Declarations”, “New declaration”, fills in the information on the lender and the borrower and the details of the recognition, and confirms the declaration.

“The service requires parties to be over the age of 18, mentally capable, with a valid power of attorney if the applicant is an agent, and that the total IOUs in a single year do not exceed three million riyals,” said the Department of Justice. mentioned.

The debt acknowledgment e-service allows the customer (lender) to declare the repayment of a loan granted to someone without having to go to a notarial office.

The total amount of recognitions should not exceed three million riyals in a single year.

The debt waiver service allows the customer (lender) to electronically certify the waiver of a loan granted to someone.

E-services are part of the digital transformation and upgrading the ministry is witnessing in various sectors. —SG

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