The Luxembourg government launches an identification application for the authentication of online services

Luxembourg seems to have joined the handful of countries that are on the road to mobile identification. Residents of the European state now have access to a mobile ID app designed to act as a sort of authentication companion to the country’s physical ID card.

Called “GouvID”, the application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. To activate it, a Luxembourg resident must use their phone’s camera to scan the MRZ of their physical identity card; then they are asked to place their phone on the front of the ID card so that it can wirelessly read the card’s electronic certificates.

From there, the mobile app can be used as a kind of security key type authentication mechanism when accessing certain government services online. When connecting to the government e-services portal, citizens will be asked to scan a QR code via the GouvID application, then place their phone in front of their physical identity card to confirm their identity.

Notably, the user can also choose to take advantage of their smartphone’s biometric authentication capabilities to further enhance the security of the login process. Biometric authentication will be requested immediately after scanning the QR code; or, if the user has not activated biometric authentication, he will have to enter the PIN code of his physical identity card.

GouvID authentication allows Luxembourg users to verify their identity when accessing, the eCDF online tax declaration system, and when registering a company online. According to RTL, it can also be used to streamline applications for student loans and even fishing permits.

A far cry from the identification (and recognition) capabilities of the Diia citizen identification app in Ukraine, but the emergence of GouvID suggests that Luxembourg is another country on the right track towards identification programs comprehensive, with China, the UK and Barbados offering their own recent examples of mobile ID preparations underway.

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