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Alappuzha: In an effort to get better prices for rubber producers, the Rubber Board is launching an online market platform. Dubbed “mRube,” the platform is expected to give Rubber Producer Companies (RPS), estate owners, growers and processors more teeth to get better deals.

The website is expected to launch in mid-May. Entities that have enough confidence in the quality of their products can use this platform to determine prices, negotiate deals and sell their products at good prices. On the other hand, the platform will also help entities looking for good quality rubber.

According to Council officials, this decision follows the fact that rubber producers are not getting good returns in relation to the quality of their products.

Notably, this move also comes at a time when many growers are abandoning rubber cultivation due to bad luck. In the last century, the number of active rubber producers exceeded ten thousand. The data shows that the number of rubber producers in 2010 and 2020 was 9,741 and 7,135 respectively.

The platform can be used by a single registration. The site is designed in such a way that once the Rubber Boards license number is given, the required details extracted from it will appear on the console. The platform will also work on Android and iOS mobile phones. This was designed by a private company from Gujarat.

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