Red Candle Games Launches Devotion on Developer Run Online Store


Red Candle Games announced the release Devotion and Detention at the Red Candle Games online store. This showcase, managed by the developers, is where the team’s future projects will be available for purchase. The official announcement via the Red Candle Games Twitter account states that all games will be released in a DRM-free format.

Currently both Devotion and Detention are available for purchase via the Red Candle Games online store. Consumers can purchase the games separately or together in a double pack. Additionally, soundtracks for both games are also available for purchase.

It’s the first time Devotion was made available for purchase outside of the Steam storefront. The GOG storefront had announced that Devotion would be available for purchase through their service. However, before the game was listed, the publisher backed out. After this incident, Red Candle Games assured consumers that they would find another way to make Devotion available for purchase.

Devotion was originally removed from the Steam storefront due to a Q&A check. At the time, Red Candle Games released a statement regarding the title’s return to the Steam storefront, and that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. In February 2020, the Harvard-Yenching Library announced that Devotion would be kept at the institute.

Devotion is immediately available for PC.

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