Online store to market products made by inmates

Doha: The Department of Penitentiary and Correctional Institutions of the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) has created an online store to market products made by inmates. The move is part of the Interior Ministry’s efforts to rehabilitate and prepare inmates in correctional and penitentiary facilities, the Interior Ministry said.

“Visitors to the online store can place an order to purchase a specific product easily and conveniently by clicking the ‘order product now’ button after reviewing the photos of the product and reviewing its specifications, then completing the electronic form below. attach and send it. As a result, the article is reserved, a receipt is issued for examination and receipt of the product, ”the Interior Ministry said on its official website.

The products include sculptures, works of art, boxes handcrafted by male inmates, clothing, bags and accessories made by inmates. Prices start from QR60 and can run into the thousands. These products are made from locally available raw materials to obtain high quality products.

The ministry was keen to train inmates and encourage them to innovate. He established centers to teach painting, carpentry, and workshops in blacksmithing and other trades. These centers work to develop the capacities of prisoners and offer them professional experiences in cooperation with trainers with high technical expertise and skills and provide a working environment conducive to creativity and innovation.

“The products produced by the inmates are characterized by their high quality and compliance with standard specifications approved by the state. It also stands out for its designs that mimic oriental culture, craftsmanship and reasonable prices, ”the ministry said.

Regarding the creation of the online store, the ministry said: “The idea came to improve the self-confidence of inmates and stimulate them towards industry and innovation. It is also to meet the desire of visitors to the pavilion for detainees’ products at exhibitions organized on the sidelines of various events in the country.

The ministry pointed out that the e-shop is a sub-portal on the website of the Ministry of Interior to market products made by inmates of penitentiary and correctional facilities. Payment must be made in cash on delivery, which is free and will be made directly to the Department of Corrections and Corrections or one of its distribution centers.

A prison environment is a place where people with different characteristics and experiences meet. This diverse cadre includes people from professions ranging from doctors and engineers to plumbers and electricians and a range of other roles and skills.

The Department of Corrections and Corrections of the Interior Ministry has started to align the work of inmates with Qatar’s national goals and market demands. Fifty percent of the sales proceeds are deposited into the inmate’s account by linking each item and craft to a specific serial number. On the other hand, the other half is deposited into the ministry’s revenue account to purchase raw materials.

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