MVD e-services have yet to be fully explored by applicants

The online services introduced by the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) through its “Vahan” portal have yet to be explored by a majority of applicants due to their limited knowledge in the field and lack of proper awareness campaigns by the department. . Although nearly three years have passed since the launch of the web service, many people still rely on third parties to get the job done.

One of the main goals of launching the web service was to reduce the interference of middlemen in various MVD services. Although services such as transfer of ownership, change of address, issuance and renewal of permits and certificates of fitness are easily accessible through the web portal, intermediaries are still active to facilitate the services at a fee higher. In Kozhikode, driving schools remain the main intermediaries to facilitate these services.

Workers at Akshaya centers say they only receive a third of the total e-applications submitted to the MVD due to lack of awareness in the sector. They say the practice of approaching agents directly by paying exorbitant service charges continues in many areas.

Many private service providers camp near MVD offices in the district to woo customers. Both the e-literate and those with no computer knowledge depend on these agents for submitting and following up applications. Some of the agents say they don’t exploit anyone for money, but only help those who don’t want to do the job online.

According to MVD officials, the majority of applicants believe the department may not consider their applications if they do not approach them with the support of these officers. Although the online application process is very simple, many fear that they will make a mistake and face serious technical problems, according to officials. Even the online payment option is not used as intended to reduce office visits.

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