Electronic services accessible through the website of the Ministry of the Interior

Col. Abdul Rahman Al Maliki, Deputy Director of Information Security Department at the MoI, yesterday explained the electronic services on the sidelines of Qitcom at the Qatar National Convention Center. Salim Matramkot

DOHA: Some electronic services of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) are now accessible through its website. Visas, security system and NOC services have been accessible via the website since Monday, a senior official said.
Civil defense services, traffic services, Iqama and “case services” will soon be available on the ministry’s bilingual website, said Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Maliki, deputy director of the security department of the ministry. information from the Ministry of the Interior, on the sidelines of Qitcom 2014.
The MoI’s e-services were previously available through Metrash2, which could be accessed through a mobile app on a smartphone and at designated stalls in shopping malls.
As of yesterday, a total of 52,000 people have registered for 70 online services of the Ministry of Interior, Colonel Al Maliki said.
“Not everyone is comfortable using services on a smartphone. There will be many new users, especially businesses will prefer to access services through the website,” he added.
To access the electronic services of the MoI, one must have a smart ID, a smart card reader from any authorized store. A smart ID card can be obtained at any office of the Immigration Department by paying QR 300.
Col. Al Maliki said that information submitted through the website for e-services will be secure and an individual or company representative will only be able to access it through a smart ID card.
“All information is secure and when someone accesses the service they can only see the details that relate to them,” he said.
Additionally, 30 new services have been added to Metrash2, in addition to existing services. Sponsors can register absconding complaints against its employees, if found absconding, and contact the Tracing and Tracing Department for further proceedings.
Registered users can avail required certificates, visas and other official documents through Metrash2. These services will be made available later on the MoI website.
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