cdf Beauty in Hong Kong launches an e-boutique on TripurX


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CHINA (HONG KONG). Hong Kong tour operator cdf Beauty officially launched its online store on the TripurX WeChat Mini program this month.

The China Duty Free Group activity in Tung Chung, Lantau Island, represents the first launch of TripurX by a non-continental retailer of its increasingly popular online pre-order and payment service.

Customers can now use the TripurX Mini program to pre-order online and pay directly to cdf Beauty’s WeChat payment account abroad.

WeChat Pay then automatically completes the transaction via preferential exchange rates (as shown below).

This E-TR shopping feature will help the retailer and consumers by improving the speed and convenience of transactions, TripurX said.

Users choose products, add them to their cart, fill in their personal information and pick-up date, and then pay through WeChat Pay.

After making payment and confirming the order, users can go to the store and pick up the product directly.

cdf Beauty offers many recognized international beauty brands such as Estée Lauder and Lancôme at attractive prices and with regular promotions.

Users can now browse in detail the store and product information on the TripurX Mini program. They can view retail prices and promotional discounts in advance, confirm stock availability in real time, and book in advance, avoiding in-store disappointment when out of stock.

Before placing an order, users can also review buying guides and confirm if there are any coupon offers.

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Due to travel limitations during the COVID-19 crisis, cdf Beauty’s current online booking feature is currently benefiting local customers living in Hong Kong. But for mainland customers, this is also a purchasing channel worth saving, TripurX said, adding: “It is believed that in the near future, users from both regions will be able to share this service. practice.

Previously, TripurX provided online reservation services for CDFG’s three duty free shops in Cambodia. Users can book online, secure inventory in advance, and then make offline payments to collect the products.

The debut of cdf Beauty on TripurX and the opening of the online booking and payment feature will provide a more imaginative future for overseas retailers struggling to attract Chinese consumers, TripurX said.

“More overseas retailers can apply this cooperative model to obtain efficient orders and real-time payments from users on TripurX to achieve pre-releases and pre-sales. By combining TripurX’s professional and multidimensional marketing and operations methods, retailers can gain exposure to high traffic, improve customer awareness, guide and drive converting purchases. As a result, online sales, online to offline processing, and in-store sales can be maximized.

TripurX currently has over 10 million users. “In the future, TripurX is confident to bring more retailers and brands popular among Chinese consumers, in order to create a more convenient outbound shopping experience,” the company said.

TripurX also plans to engage with overseas travel retailers, acting as a “bridge” to Chinese consumers. “By providing professional solutions to win Chinese consumers with strong consuming power, we will create mutually beneficial value for retailers,” he said.

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