British Wool unveils new online store to boost demand


British Wool has launched an e-commerce consumer website to help stimulate demand for British wool products.

The new website sells a range of wool products including clothing, quilts, pillows, knitting yarns, insulation and even dog beds direct to the consumer.

The online store will play a key role in the future of British Wool’s business, according to the cooperative.

The launch will be welcomed by sheep farmers who have seen wool prices at their lowest since the start of the pandemic last year.

Graham Clark, chief marketing officer, said the new electronic platform was a “very exciting development” because it would help “stimulate real demand”.

“We are initially working with 10 of our licensed partners and plan to increase this number as we expand the product offering over the coming months,” he explained.

In addition to driving demand for products made from British wool, the organization will also receive a commission on every sale made through the site.

And the extra income will go to British Wool producers, the cooperative confirmed.

The plan is to integrate the site into British Wool’s social media channels, which have more than 114,000 subscribers.

The British Wool website also receives around 14,000 unique visitors each month.

Mr Clark said consumers “constantly ask” the organization where they can buy British wool products.

“This site will allow us to direct them to a destination which we know only sells genuine British wool products,” he added.

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