6 advantages of joining the SME.NG E-market platform

With the current economic situation and the impact of COVID 19, supporting women-owned businesses is no longer a choice but a necessity. Women losing their businesses, job losses, reduced wages, inflation in just about everything – transportation, food, naira / coins, clothes, whatever you want. With no idea of ​​how long and where this pandemic is going, it has become paramount to support women-owned businesses and help them thrive.

The Ebi Marketplace platform is the way forward. Ebi Marketplace is Nigeria’s first secure and user-friendly all-female electronic marketplace platform. The platform also includes a directory of Nigerian SMEs with industry and location labels to expand the reach of products and services across Nigeria and beyond. It is all-inclusive and will be a one-stop information portal on opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

We have highlighted 6 advantages of joining SME.NG Ebi market platform:

  1. For women entrepreneurs: You read correctly ! The electronic marketplace is aimed at Nigerian women entrepreneurs and will create economic opportunities, ensure business sustainability and improve resilience to the negative effects of the pandemic and economic downturn.
  1. Access to financing and investment opportunities: Have you ever heard someone democratize access to finance? Although in these economic situations, but it is real and true! With the Ebi Marketplace platform you have access to finance i.e. grants, loans and also get first hand information on investment opportunities! And the best part about this platform? Read below.
  1. Access to larger markets: Yes! Being on the Ebi Market platform gives you access to a wider range of customers who need your products or services. The products and services of the women entrepreneurs will be listed on the e-commerce platform where customers can buy directly from them.
  1. Access to technical and commercial support: Women-owned SMEs will have access to business advice, legal services, human resources and more, which will help them grow their businesses.
  1. Job portal: Owning a business is one thing, but finding the right people can be very difficult in this country. By being a part of this electronic marketplace platform, you gain access to a pool of good people looking for jobs.
  1. Connect / partner with other business owners: In addition to being able to run your business, you can connect, partner and collaborate with various business owners across the country, which will help your business grow.

To join the Ebi Marketplace platform, interested women entrepreneurs can register to become sellers on www.ebimarketplace.com. Women from cooperatives and associations are also encouraged to register on the platform. The Ebi Marketplace will officially go live on August 1, and the app will be available for download from the Play Store and Apple Store. Successful registrations would officially become providers on the platform and could access all the benefits of the Ebi Market platform.

Good, you have it now! Take advantage of the trip to grow your business.

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