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ATHINA, ATHENS, GREECE, February 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Although the need for online stores is far from new in retail, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses are now acquiring their own online store by hiring E-commerce SEO experts.

If you are wondering why this is happening, firstly, during the lockdown period, a large part of the public has realized the safety and convenience of shopping online. Even consumers who, due to their age or lack of contact with technology, were not very familiar with online shopping, have encountered a new world in which everything is easier than they thought.

This is at least evidenced by research from ELSTAT, which showed that in 2020 the number of companies that received orders via a website or special apps increased by 65% ​​compared to 2019 (Source: The news). It seems that this trend has continued in 2021, justifying those who claimed that this would not be a temporary situation, but a new era.

Of course, besides consumers, small and medium businesses are also realizing the significant benefits of an online store, seeing it as a one-way street for the survival of their stores.

With an online store, stores were able to serve their customers directly and securely. The fact that online shopping does not require physical contact makes the transaction safer for both parties. Don’t forget that by adding a chat plugin, an e-store visitor can get in direct contact with employees, for immediate and efficient service.

Moreover, an e-shop ensures sales beyond the narrow confines of a specific area. The key word around e-shops is “unrestricted sales”. And that’s true ! Because in the new era, for example a trader in dairy products from a village in Crete can sell all over the world, while a designer has the possibility of selling her handcrafted jewelery all over Europe, without even having to physical store!

“Unrestricted selling” is not only associated with space but also with time. An online store is always open, allowing you to have sales 24 hours a day, every day of the week, whatever the circumstances!

Another very important fact is that comparing the costs of maintaining a physical store (employee salaries, rent, electricity, etc.) with the cost of setting up and running an online store by a team of e-commerce experts, gives you one more reason to focus on the online part. Especially when you can immediately notify your customers of new receipts, offers, discount coupons, etc.

A large part of the public needs to research products or services without necessarily knowing a brand. Once created, the e-shop can lead the interested public there through Online Marketing. Additionally, Facebook’s ad targeting tools, through proper use by social media experts, can put the store in touch with an audience that is highly likely to go shopping.

In conclusion, an online store can be seen as a base on which to consolidate the growth of a business. At a time when new shopping habits make it necessary to create them, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses are navigating it into the new era using SEO services.

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